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Executive Committee

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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is described in Article VI of the Bylaws.


Executive Committee Workspace




Per Section 6.3 of the Bylaws, members serve staggered two-year terms, with new members assuming office at the conclusion of the annual FoKAL summit. Current members are listed below, with constituent group and term expiration in parentheses.


Executive Committee (2014 - 2015)

Sonja Eads, chair (KCTCS, 2016)

Sheree Williams, (KCTCS, 2016)

Matthew Collins, (FIG, 2016)

Judith Nell Riney, (AIKCU, 2015)

Arne Almquist, (SAALCK, 2015)

Susan Brown, (AIKCU, 2016)

Sheila Stuckey  (SAALCK, 2016)








The Executive Committee was formed February 25, 2008, concurrent with the disbanding of the earlier Task Force. This initial Executive Committee comprised seven members and operated on an interim basis until approval of the Memorandum of Agreement and Bylaws at the 2008 Annual Summit. In keeping with recommendations made at the summit, an eighth member was also added at this time.


Although the Bylaws call for two-year terms, the inaugural Executive Committee was named with the understanding that one member from each constituency would serve a one-year term in order to enable staggering of future terms.


Inaugural Executive Committee (2008 - 2009)

John Stemmer, chair (AIKCU - 2010)

Jared Porter, secretary (Non-affiliated - 2010)

Elsie Pritchard (SAALCK - 2010)

Sheree Williams (KCTCS - 2010)

Bruce Keisling (Non-affiliated - 2009)

Carrie Cooper (SAALCK - 2009)

Ilona Burdette (AIKCU - 2010)

Warren Gray (KCTCS - 2009)


Executive Committee (2009 - 2010)

John Stemmer, chair (AIKCU - 2010)

Jared Porter, secretary (FIG - 2010)

Elsie Pritchard (SAALCK - 2010)

Sheree Williams (KCTCS - 2010)

Billie Anne Gebb (FIG - 2011)

Sheila Stuckey (SAALCK - 2011)

Ilona Burdette (AIKCU - 2011)

Cynthia Atkins (KCTCS - 2011)


Executive Committee (2010 - 2011)

Ilona Burdette, chair (AIKCU, 2011)

Billie Anne Gebb, secretary (FIG, 2011)

Donna Abell (KCTCS, 2012)

Cynthia Atkins (KCTCS, 2011)

Carrie Cooper (SAALCK, 2012)

Marge Cummings (FIG, 2012)

Sheila Stuckey (SAALCK, 2011)

Morgan Tracy (AIKCU, 2012)


Executive Committee (2011 - 2012)

Morgan Tracy, chair (AIKCU, 2012)

Donna Abell (KCTCS, 2012)

Marge Cummings (FIG, 2012)

Naulayne Enders, secretary (AIKCU, 2013)

David Gregory (SAALCK, 2012)

Adam Murray (SAALCK, 2013)

Matt Onion (KCTCS, 2013)

Paul Tippey, (FIG, 2013)


Executive Committee (2012 - 2013)

Naulayne Enders, chair (AIKCU, 2013)

Matt Onion, secretary (KCTCS, 2013)

Paul Tippey (FIG, 2013)

Judith Riney, (AIKCU, 2014)

Betina Gardner (SAALCK, 2014)

Adam Murray (SAALCK, 2013)

Margo Hamm (KCTCS, 2014)

Angela Morris, (FIG, 2014)


Executive Committee (2013 - 2014)

Betina Gardner, chair (SAALCK, 2014)

Margo Hamm (KCTCS, 2014)

Angela Morris, (FIG, 2014)

Judith Nell Riney, (AIKCU, 2014)

Arne Almquist, (SAALCK, 2015)

Karen Evans, (AIKCU, 2015)

Charles James, (KCTCS, 2015)

Jason Fowler, (FIG, 2015)




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