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2011 Summit Planning

Page history last edited by Ilona Burdette 13 years, 4 months ago

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2011 Summit Agenda (Draft)

2011 Timeline for planning


Possible Summit topics:

  • repeat of Leadership Summit (Linda Bruno)
  • shared catalogue (there will be a vendor presentation for SAALCK in April/May)
  • learning commons (may want to include IT or other campus departments)
  • survey directors for topics? 
  • grant writing

  • use of space - "library as place" 
  • trends - student demographics
  • web 2.0 and social media (23 things)
  • librarian's role in online education
  • staying relevant - (goes back to advocacy)


possible speakers:

Stephen Bell (PA) - www.blendedlibrarian.com

Joe Murphy (Yale)

Lisa Carlucci Thomas (CT)

a futurist

Nicole Engard

OCLC staff


Beloit College mindset list



someone to arrange speakers

agenda planning


Morgan will talk to Anne about finding a speaker


will need reports from:

collections folks

standing committees


need a KYVL strategic plan update (either from Sheree or Enid)

panel of CPE Pres, Enid, Wayne Onkst from KDLA, VLAC?

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